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Policies, Contracts & Forms

Attorney-reviewed employment policies, contracts, and forms that ensure employers comply with the law and protect their business.

Employment Policies, Forms, and Contracts for your Business

Businesses must maintain certain contracts, notices, and forms in order to comply with federal and state laws. But employers must also have proper agreements in place to protect their business from lawsuits. Forework provides strategic and compliant employment documents for businesses.


Whether an employer is hiring a new employee, a new executive, or needs confidentiality and a nonsolicitation agreement to protect its client lists and trade secrets, Forework can help. Forework provides:

  • Employment contracts
  • Employment offer letters (exempt and non-exempt)
  • Commissioned salesperson contracts
  • Bonus agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Nonsolicitation agreements
  • Outside salesperson employment agreement
  • Arbitration agreements with a class action waiver
  • Rejection letters for interviewed candidate
  • Nondisclosure/confidentiality agreements
  • Severance agreements and releases
  • Termination letters
  • Last chance agreements


Employers often need assistance with updating their policies and procedures, preparing an employee handbook, or modifying existing policies that need to be edited due to legal changes. With constant federal, state, and city/local changes, there’s always something happening in the world of employment law that requires the employer to modify its policies and procedures. That’s where Forework comes in! We provide clients with a starter employee handbook and any individual policies that the employer might need later on.

Individual policies are also available for purchase and download on our website. As an example, Forework offers:

  • Federal Family and Medical Leave Policy
  • State-specific paid family leave policies (such as those for NY, CA)
  • Paid Sick Leave Law Policies
  • Vacation Time Policy
  • Wage Parity Policy (for NY's home care providers)
  • Clock-in and Clock-out Policy
  • Recordkeeping Policy
  • Vaccination Policies
  • Teleworking Policies
  • Social Media Policies
  • Drug-Testing Policies
  • Code of Conduct Policies

Posters and Notices

Forework provides new employers with a complete package of employment posters and notices that must be displayed in their workplace, along with an annual update to any poster that may be required by federal or state law. For example, many states require employers to display the minimum wage notice and, when the minimum wage changes, Forework will alert employers to this fact and provide an updated new minimum wage poster, to ensure the employer is always in compliance!

For businesses that need assistance with customizing any of the policies and forms available on Forework's website, please use Forework OnDemand to speak to one of our employment attorneys or human resources consultants.

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