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Payroll Processing and Tax

Designed around compliance, Forework's custom payroll and tax software moves companies' work forward.

Compliant Payroll and Tax Services for the Modern Workforce

Designed for today's workplace, Forework's smart technology allows companies to pay people correctly each time.

Designed by a leading wage and hour attorney, Forework’s payroll system is coded to keep employers in compliance with complicated wage and hour laws. Forework anticipates and addresses sensitive payroll issues involving overtime, tip credits, travel time pay, spread of hours, split shift rules, overnight shift issues, single-employee shift exceptions, and everything else.

With Forework’s mobile application, employees can track their hours of work, and supervisory staff can track their employees’ attendance, location, leave use (and abuse), and overall productivity.

Overview of Some of the Features

  1. GPS – based attendance tracking for remote employees
  2. Mobile application for time-in and time-out
  3. Paid time off, vacation, and sick time requests can be submitted via Forework, and via the app
  4. Employee-to-manager communications via Forework’s chat for calling off, reporting complaints, or requesting time off
  5. For the home care industry, integration with HHAexchange to ensure compliance with EVV
  6. Captures, records and ensures accurate payment for travel time
  7. Accurate calculations and reconciliations to pay spread of hours, call-in shift pay and split shift pay
  8. Compliance with live-in rules for home health aides
  9. Customizable paystubs
  10. Employees have access to their personnel file, including employment documents via the app
  11. Send send mass emails and communications to announce changes to employment policies or new requirements

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