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Forework OnDemand

For today's fast-paced business world, Forework provides access to employment experts, on your schedule

Employment Counsel Support by Phone, any Time.

Today’s fast-paced work environment requires fast answers and solutions. Employers, no matter the size of their workforce, deserve access to competent and quick answers to pressing work law questions.

Forework’s OnDemand platform was created to increase access to employment advisory services for employers, of all sizes, from all industries, and from all areas in the United States.

How it Works. If you want to talk to a human resources and employment law expert, you can request a call back from one! Simply log on to Forework’s website and request a call with Forework. You will provide your contact information and a brief description of your question(s). You will pick the duration of your call with Forework. You will pay for the employment expert’s time, so choose how much time you wish to buy for your particular issue. (For complex matters, you might wish to request more time). Then, process payment. One of Forework’s employment experts will call you to discuss your question and/or situation. You will get a call back the same day. It really is that simple!

About Forework OnDemand. Our OnDemand services are provided by experienced human resources consultants who have been trained by employment law attorneys to ensure that they are providing timely, accurate, and strategic counsel to callers.

No client-consultant or ongoing relationship is created by your use of Forework OnDemand and there are no ongoing obligations that you must agree to. If, however, you wish to continue receiving services and counsel from Forework, it might be more cost-efficient to engage Forework through one of its other platforms, such as Employment Concierge or Work Law Subscription.


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