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Founded by a top-rated Employment and Labor Attorney, Forework® provides state-of-the-art employment technology solutions, automated real-time compliance, and on-demand access to employment law experts.

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An App Employees & Managers Love

Launching soon for the Web, iOS, and Android, our full-featured, highly-secure mobile application:

  • New Hire Self-Onboarding
  • Multi-State and Location Payroll
  • GPS-Based Time and Attendance
  • Document E-Signature
  • Connectors for HHA Exchange and Quickbooks

Access to Your Employment Experts Is One Click Away

On-Demand access to your team of experts who will guide you through your toughest challenges.

Hiring, Onboarding & Off-boarding

  • On-Site Human Resources
  • Employee Termination Assistance
  • Unemployment Claim Resolution
  • Employee Self-Service Onboarding
  • Application & Hiring Forms
  • Background Checks
  • Immigration

Talent & Strategy Development

  • Employee Training
  • Compensation Systems
  • Employee Discipline
  • Performance Management
  • Promotions & Demotions
  • Personnel Chart Audits


  • Time and Attendance
  • Payroll Withholding
  • Tax Reporting
  • Check Processing
  • Labor Laws Compliance

Workplace Compliance

  • Policy Development & Implementation
  • Workforce Downsizing
  • Employment Documents
  • Leave Law Support
  • PTO Tracking & Policies
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Gig Economy Management
  • Labor Law Compliance
  • Compliance Self-Audits
  • Drug Testing
  • Employee Discipline
  • Non-Disclosure & Trade Secrets
  • Employee Benefits
  • Workplace Safety
  • Healthcare Worker Hiring

Change Your Focus to the Future

Whether you’re hiring your first employee, managing attendance abuses by employees, or deciding to implement a new drug-testing policy for new hires, Forework provides the experience and technologies to support and manage your business, allowing you to focus on your business’s future.

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